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Portrait of Susanna Lunden by Peter Paul Rubens is dated 1622 -1625 and the original is in the National Gallery London. The original size of the work is 79 x 54.6 cm and it was worked as an oil paint on wood.


Brief information about the artist: Flemish Baroque Painter Peter Paul Rubens (1577 – 1640) won the title of “master” in Antwerp in 1598. He is one of the greatest painters of all time in terms of his genius and works. His influence on painters who grew up in later centuries is profound.




The style to which the work belongs: Baroque

The subject of the Work: Portrait of a Woman


Our prints on picture canvas are offered ready-to-hang or in rolls on a deep wooden chassis made of quality wood. The edges are covered with a color chosen by our editor from within the table, thus providing a qualified presentation without the need for a frame. Our prints are prepared on a high-quality canvas that is specially produced for artistic printing.

Portrait of Susanna Lunden

  • Width: 31,98'' ( 82 cm )

    Lenght: 46,8'' ( 120 cm ) 


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