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ECE Classic is an online store that serves classic style furniture and home decor. It’s a result of the ECE Interior Design team’s experience and vision. All of the products are handmade of high-quality materials. Most of the displayed furniture products are produced by your order. It needs time, on the other hand, to enable personalized. Our team will be pleased to support you with custom offers. We are assertive about the quality and lifetime of our products. That’s why we prefer to display products tested before. A good classic furniture piece has to be more beautiful over time. We always work to find this kind of piece for you. They mostly unique, because of they are handmade and produced by traditional masters

We’re close to you wherever you are

Wherever you live, we will be happy support to you online and organize logistic. We report you all production process to you and make online meetings. Also, our team search for best logistic alternatives for you. On the other hand, if you like to see the products in showroom, we will be pleased organize your Turkey travel.

Haute Couture Elegance

If you need a custom design furniture, we can work for you. Except serving displayed products, we design, search material and buy items for you. You can contact us for your request except our product catalog.


You can contact us in below and you can take a look to our social channels are filled with inspiration for seeing our passionate about classic style.

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