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The Boucher Armchair is a luxurious piece of furniture inspired from the works of the 18th-century French painter François Boucher. It features a stunning solid wood frame with intricate gold gilding, creating a truly unique and luxurious look. The armchair is upholstered in a sumptuous fabric for extra comfort. This piece makes a perfect addition to any living space, bringing a touch of high-end luxury to the home.

Boucher Armchair

  • Length: 41,34 inches (105 cm)

    Depth:  41,34 inches (105 cm)

    Height:  51,18 inches (130 cm)


    * Customizable Product 

  • Delivery:

    Please Note:

    Because this item is made to order, its estimated delivery date includes a longer lead time. 


    This item is non-returnable. See our Return Policy to Learn more

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