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Diego Velazquez's Treaty of Breda is dated 1635 and the original is in the Museo del Prado Madrid. The original size of the work is 307.3 x 371.5 cm and it was worked as an oil painting on canvas.


Brief information about the artist: Spanish Baroque Painter Diego Velazquez (1599 – 1660) took lessons from the famous painter Francisco de Herrera. In 1613 he entered the studio of Francisco Pacheco. He soon became famous as a painter. He skillfully used light and shadow in his paintings.




The style to which the work belongs: Baroque

Location of the Artifact: Museo del Prado Madrid


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The Surrender of Breda or The Lances, 1635

  • Width: 39,39'' ( 101cm )

    Lenght: 46,8'' ( 120 cm ) 


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