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This Silky Blossom Rug is a luxurious and beautiful piece of art crafted with silk and handmade techniques. The softness of the silk is incomparable, and its ostentatious and magnificent appearance will bring an elegant touch to any living space. Due to its high-quality materials and craftsmanship, it is incredibly durable and can be easily transferred from generation to generation. Additionally, it preserves its colors and the pattern is visible in photographic clarity thanks to the density of weaving.

Silky Blossom Rug

$1,654.00 Regular Price
$1,354.00Sale Price
  • Material: 

    8% Silk
    92% Modal

    3,000,000 Pile density
    4 mm Pile height
    Handcrafted silk fringe and silk overlook.
    Natural softness.
    Silk pile structure.

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